Tuesday, 7 July 2009

"Except in movies- of course"

I have lately been stalking various "tumblr"s, even though I do not have one, and did not know they existed until I stumbled (don't ask how) across one called "I Love Pornography" (ILP), which now seems to have been taken down or something! Just my luck- there were some seriously staggering shots on it, smut or not. So yes, from what I have seen so far, tumblr's consist of mostly glorious, completely pretentious and superficial things. And I mean that in the very best, complimentary manner. I am particularly enamoured with these accounts (clicky for links) :

Probably because of the high proportion of attractive women, bright & shiny things and the large amount of vintage-style photography. I have no idea how these people find the time to trawl through the piles of awful pictures on flickr etc etc etc and consistently (we are sometimes talking like fifty photos a day) come out with utterly beautiful photos. People might say that they simply have too much time, but I don't care. They are providing me with a zeitgeist of various kinds of lovely, and that is fine by me!

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