Friday, 12 June 2009

Bales and Bottle Blondes

I want my family portrait to be exactly like this one.

I am also quite excited about the imminent return of the BBC series "The Supersizers" in which Sue Perkins and my long-standing crush, The Saturday Times' food critic Giles Coren, attempt to consume their way through heaps of offal, suet and tv dinners, all the while clad in period costume, in the name of research into the culinary habits of various periods in history. It may sound like a bit of an indulgent, pompous exercise- and in many ways it is -but it is honestly fascinating and I will never tire of Coren's attempts to continually look dapper and debonair in a host of vintage dress whilst chewing a slow-broiled uterus. Nor will I tire of Sue's continuing eye rolling, painful experiences with corsetry and gung-ho attitude to getting completely hammered in the middle of the day. Together, they are probably the best example of the perfect married couple... which may be explained by the fact that they are not married, one of them is gay and they both have their own respective partners.

The first episode is the Eighties, which sounds good enough as it is, with the promise of yuppie-extravagance or miners strike frugality, but then I saw this:

If there is one thing I love more than Giles Coren, it is watching Giles Coren dressed up as Adam Ant cloy himself on Pot Noodles, bad sushi and Krug. Anyway, to see Coren gorge himself stupid and then look completely outraged at the end of the week when he has put on a stone and has the cholesterol levels of a deep fried Glaswegian, and Sue's continual attempts to reign him in (until she gets distracted by mead, champagne or sherry), tune into BBC 2 on Monday 15th June at 9pm.

Also, if you haven't done so already, have a gander at the quite vehement correspondence between Coren, and well... everyone in the journalistic world

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